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General Weather
It's actually impossible to summarise the seasonal trends of the Irish weather as it is totally unpredictable. What can be said though is that Ireland does not in general suffer weather extremes. The weather instead is palatable all year round. Dublin tends to be drier and cooler than the west coast, which the Atlantic Ocean batters regularly. The almost constant misty rain in Galway and Connemara leads to the classic Irish weather description of a "soft day".

What to wear
The best advice we can offer is that no matter what time of year you intend to visit Ireland, be sure to bring light raingear, a warm sweater and some fine weather clothes. In the summer months, weather is often mild at temperatures in the high teens to low twenties centigrade, an occasional mid to high twenties centigrade is reached. In the winter the temperature hovers in single figures above zero, it may frost or freeze overnight and it may snow lightly in december-january.

For an up-to-date weather forecast for Dublin, telephone 1550 123 854 (calls cost 58p per minute). On the internet, use the following and try to cross-correlate to find the truth!

Time Zone
Ireland is in the same time zone as Britain or Portugal, that is Geenwich Mean Time +0. For the speaking clock in Ireland, telephone 1191. Clocks go forward one hour for the Summer Time in spring (usually at the end of March), and they return back an hour to normal at the end of October (spring forward, fall back!!).

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