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Flamenco is without any doubt one of Spain's greatest contributions to the musical art form. Its roots are in the Gypsy culture of Andalucía. The bulk of the important Flamenco artists are still of Gypsy descent, many living inmersed in their unique traditional culture —aside form mainstream Spanish society— it has over the last decade been receiving more and more international attention. True flamenco is an art form which can happen spontaneously whenever a group of people gathers, and in which the audience forms an integral part of the performance. In Madrid it would be unrealistic to expect things to be quite that spontaneous, but a good peña (club at which flamenco is performed) can still offer an intimate atmosphere in which the audience becomes thoroughly involved.

The heart of flamenco is voice accompanied by Spanish guitar. Other important 'instruments' are las palmas (palms, or clapping hands) and el cajón, a wooden box which is used for percussion. Dance often accompanies the song but it is by no means necessary, and the music is often best appreciated on its own

Olmo 3
Metro: Tirso de Molina
Zone: Lavapiés
Bar with Flamenco atmosphere and music playing in the background. Young audiennce, mainly Spaniards. Live shows only occasionally.
Cardamomo Flamenkito in Huertas ,Madrid.
Café de Chinitas
Torija 7,
Metro: Santo Domingo
Zone: Opera
Flamenco music and dance. Dinner and show around 60 euro.
Casa Patas
Cañizares 10
Metro: Antón Martín
Zone: Lavapiés

Restaurant and bar with flamenco shows of singing only or singing and dancing performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at midnight.


Corral de la Morería
Morería 7
Metro: Opera/La Latina
Zone: La Latina
Dinner with music and dance. Shows start at 22:45. Has a car parking service and accepts all major credit cards.
Corral de la Pacheca
Juan Ramón Jímenez 26
Metro: Cuzco
Zone: Plaza Castilla
Song and dance starting at 22:30 . Geared towards tourists rather than locals.

La Soleá
Cava Baja 27
Metro: La Latina
Zone: La Latina
Reasonably good Flamenco bar, nice atmosphere though sometimes crowded with locals. Quite an authentic flavour.
Torres Bermejas
Mesonero Romanos 11 (near corner Gran Vía )
Metro: Callao
Zone: Gran Vía

Restaurant with song and dance show. 20:00 - late. Accepts credit cards and has car park service.


Las Tablas
Plaza de España (corner Cuesta San Vicente)
Metro: Pz España
www: LasTablas

Torres Bermejas
Address: Mesonero Romanos, 11
Tel: 91-532-3322
Metro: Callao
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The decor of this flamenco night club is an exact reproduction of the Alhambra Palace of Granada. The authentic gypsy music and dances performed here are of the highest quality. Through its more than 35 years of existence, this “tablao” has been visited by the most important personalities of Spain as well as international social life, all of whom have delighted in the performances of the most prominent names within the world of flamenco.

Corral de la Morería
C/ Morería, 17
Tel: 91-365-8446
Metro: Opera or Sol

Corral de la Morería was established in 1956 and is recognised as one of the most famous Flamenco shows in the world. Over the years some of the most famous performers from the flamenco world have performed here including Pastora Imperio, La Chunga, María Albaicín, Fosforito, Serranito, El Güito, Lucero Tena, Isabel Pantoja and Blanca Del Rey. The outstanding performances and excellent cuisine have attracted visitors from all over the world including such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Muhammed Ali and U2, to name just a few.

Address: c/Olmo, 2
Tel: 91-467-3382
Metro: Antón Martin

Infamous old bar in the streets of Barrio Lavapiés which has long been frequented by Madrid's flamenco musicians. Apparently the late, great Camarón de la Isla sang here until 11am but any such spontaneous performances these days are unlikely to be found in the bar as closed sessions take place from time to time without a tourist in sight.

La Soleá
Address: c/Cava Baja, 34
Tel: 91-365-3308
Metro: La Latina

This is a genuine and long-established flamenco venue with hardly a tourist in sight. Performances take place from Tuesday to Sunday from 10pm to 3am. People sit around in the bar, some pick up the guitar and impromptu performances result.

Taberna Las Gabrieles
Address: Echegaray, 17
Tel: 91 429 62 61
Metro: Sevilla

This beautiful bar in the heart of Madrid is decorated with elaborate tiles. It has a fascinating history as a shelter to bullfighters and a venue where 'tertulias' (political discussions) traditionally took place. There are often flamenco shows on Tuesdays.

El Juglar
Address: C/ Lavapies, 37
Tel: 91 528 4381
Metro: Lavapies

This bar is in the Barrio Lavapies. It is split into two with a bar in the front and a small concert venue in the back. There are flamenco shows here every Sunday at 10pm and the price is €7.