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Do you want to see what movies are opening this week? Would you like to watch a movie in its original language? Would you rather see an independent movie? The movie you’re looking for hasn’t been running for a while? Madrid is your city, enjoy the seventh art.

There are numerous movie theatres all over the city so that you can enjoy the latest films and the many other alternatives that await you. The Cine Doré runs the movie programme of the Spanish Film Library, an archive where our entire cinema heritage is stored; a real gem for the lovers of this art. There are four daily screenings that include both Spanish films and subtitled foreign features in their original language.

If you like watching foreign movies in their original language, there are eleven venues to choose from: Alphaville, Bellas Artes Cine-Estudio, La Enana Marrón, Pequeño Cine Estudio, Princesa, Renoir Cuatro Caminos, Renoir Plaza de España, Renoir Princesa, Renoir Retiro, Verdi and Yelmo Cineplex Ideal. At these movie theatres you will also be able to watch features that are no longer showing at the main venues, as well as documentaries or independent films, such as the screenings at La Casa Encendida or La Casa de América. Don´t forget that in Madrid’s screens there’s also room for independent films.