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The Golden Triangle and the art scene

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If you're not stopping over for very long, you'll probably find that you have more than enough to keep you busy in Madrid's three most important museums:

The Prado Museum
The Thyssen-Bornemisza
The Reina Sofía National Art Centre

You can buy the Madrid Card that will allow you to access the main museums as conveniently and cheapas possible. Admission to the Prado Museum and Reina Sofía is free of charge on Saturdays from 14.30 and Sunday mornings.

These three museums are located near the centre —all within walking distance of one another— forming what is known as the Golden Triangle. Although it is possible to visit all three museums in a single day, those who try will no doubt end their tour with sore feet. For art lovers, a single visit to any of these three will certainly be insufficient.

Other museums, lesser known, but highly charming museums
Exhibition halls and Foundations, temporary exhibits
Commercial art galleries, for those interested in purchasing art, searching for avant-garde, etc.