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Eating on a budget in Madrid

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Within the extensive variety of restaurants and styles of food you will be able to find in Madrid, you can find a large amount of unsophisticated average quality restaurants within an affordable/low price range (8-15 Euro per person). These are known as Restaurantes de menú. Some of them only have these prices on weekdays at lunch time as long as you eat the daily specials. Therefore some of these restaurants sometimes belong in more than one category, depending on when you eat there.

MorteroA Menú del día (Daily menu) usually consists of:
- First course (salads, soups,...)
- Second or main course, (fish, meat, ...)
- Dessert, bread and drink (wine, beer or water)

Usually coffee is charged separately or can be sometimes had in exchange for dessert.

In Madrid's center zone there are numerous restaurants that offer menú. Chueca and other neighbouring areas usually have an interesting offer in this respect and are not so focused in targeting tourists.

Just to name a couple we recommend a restaurant called Bazaar (in Chueca) a nice affordable or La Austriaca de Gran Vía at San Onofre street, with excellent lentils on Mondays. If you are near Atocha or calle Huertas, you might wish to try La Sanabresa, in Calle Amor de Dios.