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There are many high quality restaurants in the city. The real exclusive ones habe prices in accordance to their reputation and service. Here we will list just a few that are representative, however there is a more abundant choice than the one we offer here

La Broche
Miguel Angel 29-31

Innovative cuisine by Sergi Arola. Average price: 80 euro

www: La Broche

El Amparo
callejón de Puigcerdá, 8
Metro: Serrano
Map: O-4

New basque cuisine with the chef Iñigo Pérez, follower of Martín Berasategui.
Average price: 80 euro
www: Restaurante El Amparo

Augusto Figueroa, 32
Metro: Chueca
Map: J-6

New basque cuisine.
Average price: 70 euro

www: Restaurante Arce

El Bodegón
Pinar, 15
Metro: Gregorio Marañón
Another new basque cuisine. Average price: 60 euro
www: Restaurante El Bodegón
Alfonso XII, 6
Metro: Retiro
Map: N-11
Average price: 69 euro International cuisine.
www: Horcher
Amador de los Ríos, 6
Metro: Colón
Average price: 80 euro. Delicious castilian cuisine.
www: Restaurante Jockey
Paseo de la Castellana, 57
28005 Madrid
Metro: Rubén Darío
La Terraza del Casino
Alcalá, 15
Metro: Sevilla / Sol
Map: H-10
Average price: 80 euro

The chef, Javier Sancho, used to work at el Bulli under Ferrán Adriá, sublime.
www: La Terraza del Casino

c/ Juan de Mena, 14
Metro: Retiro
Average price: 80 euro. Imaginative cuisine.
www: Restaurante Viridiana
Alvarez de Baena, 4
Metro: Gregorio Marañón
Average price: 80 euro International cuisine.
www: Restaurante Zalacaín
Restaurante Club31
Alcalá, 58
www: Club31
Restaurante el Chaflán
Av Pío XII 34
www: El Chaflán