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North American Food
Hard Rock Café
Paseo de la Castellana, 2
Metro: Colón
Zona: Salamanca
Mapa: N-2
A classic of American food. Bar, shops and Rock museum. Open every day from 12.30PM to 1.20AM. Summer terrace.
Foster's Hollywood
Princesa, 13
28008 Madrid
Metro: Plaza de España
Zona: Argüelles
Mapa: B-2

Open: 13.30-17.00 / 20.00-24.00.
Friday and saturday up to2.00AM
Hamburgers, grilled snadwitchesand banana split.

Tony Roma's
Génova, 17
28010 Madrid
Metro: Alonso Martínez
Zona: Alonso Martínez
Mapa: L-1

Open: 13.30-16.00 / 20.30-24.00.
Friday and saturday up to 1.30AM
Grilled ribs, onion rings and the like.

Chesterfield Café
Serrano Jover, 5
Metro: Argüelles
Concerts, hamburgers and cocktails.
Planet Hollywood
Pza. Cortes, 7
Metro: Banco de España
Zona: Prado
Mapa: K-12
Just pointing out the owners: Willis, Stallone and Arnold.
Indian, Thai, Korean, Indonesian
Zurbano, 5
Metro: Colón / Alonso Martínez
Zona: Alonso Martínez
Indian food, the most typical dishes.
Open: 13.45-16.00 / 21.00-23.45
Thai Gardens
Jorge Juan, 5
Metro: Serrano
Zona: Salamanca
Thai food
Price: 40 euro
Ferraz, 38
Metro: Argüelles
Zona: Moncloa-Argüelles
Very good serrvice. Authentic Korean.
Price: 12 euro
Chinese restaurants
Tse Yang
Hotel Villa Magna
Paseo de la Castellana, 22
Metro: Rubén Darío
Zona: Castellana
Mapa: N-97
Luxurious chinese restaurant. A superb choice.
Price: 50 euro
House of Ming
Paseo de la Castellana, 74
Metro: Gregorio Marañón
Zona: Castellana
Mapa: N-94
Kind of expensive, but also very popular.
Rey de Tallarines
San Bernardino
Plaza Conde de Toreno, 2
Metro: Pza. España

You can see how chef make tallarines pasta. One of our favourites.

Good price, very kind service and very good food.

Japanese food
Reina, 31
Metro: Gran Vía / Banco de España
Zona: Gran Vía
Mapa: I-7

Modern japanese restaurant. Has private dinning rooms (book). Good service. Excellent fish. Worth a visit.
Price: 30 euro

Paseo de la Castellana, 36-38
Metro: Rubén Darío
Zona: Salamanca
Mapa: N-96
Exclusive and expensive restaurant. Excellent food.
Sunday and holidays closed.
Don Zoko
Echegaray, 3
Metro: Sevilla
Zona: Huertas
Mapa: I-12
A little cheaper than the previous Japanese restaurants. Book your table in advance.

Caracas, 8
Metro: Alonso Martínez
Zona: Alonso Martínez

Their self description is: a tex-mex japanese, sushi-latino... whatever that means. Property of a local popular cinema director.

www: MinaBo Restaurant
Ginza - Kaiten Sushi
Plaza de las Cortes, 3
Metro: Banco de España
Zona: Prado
Mapa: K-11
An authentic sushi bar, with the usual pay-per-coloured-dish formula.
c/ Las Conchas, 4
Metro: Callao / Sol
Zona: Sol
Mapa: E-8
Bento box: 8 euro. Good value and service
Monday closed.
Infantas, 5
Metro: Gran Vía
Zona: Gran Vía
Mapa: H-6
This guides emerged from a conversation at this restaurant. Unpretentious tasteful Caribbeann food. Affordable prices. Its tny and usaually full. Book your table or go early. Very nice service.
Centro Cubano
Claudio Coello, 41
Metro: Serrano
Zona: Salamanca
Mapa: O-2
The best 'ropa vieja' in town. Affordable. Recommended.
Argentininan, Brazilian, ...
Beef Place
Av. Brasil, 30
Metro: Cuzco
Zona: Chamartín

Grilled meat.

El Gaucho
Tetuán, 34
Metro: Sol
Zona: Sol
Mapa: G-9
Argentinian beef
Price: 22 euro


La Pampa de Lavapiés
Amparo, 61
Metro: Lavapiés
Zona: Lavapiés
Mapa: H-19
Grilled meat, rices, and tango on weekends.
20 euro
Monday closed.
La Vaca Argentina
Pº Pintor Rosales, 52
Metro: Argüelles
Zona: Argüelles - Moncloa

A chain of Argenitinian restaurants that specialise in grilled meat.
25 euro


La Vaquita Argentina
Caños del Peral, 2
Metro: Opera
Zona: Opera
Mapa: D-8
Lomitos al carbón.
20 euro


El Viejo Almacén de Buenos Aires
Villaamil, 277
Tel: 91 316 13 17
Metro: Valdezarza

Grilled meats and tango shows daily
35 euro

Arepas con Todo
Hartzenbusch, 19
Metro: Bilbao
Colombian food.
20 euro.
Asador Río Platense
Alonso Castrillo, 16
Metro: Tetuán

Food from Uruguay. Special parrilada de achuras. Tango live shows.
20 euro
Sunday evening closed.

La Taquería de Birra
Pza. Comendadoras, 2
Metro: San Bernardo / Noviciado
Zona: Gran Vía
Mapa:  D-1

Located in one of the nicest little plazas of the center of Madrid and with a large terrace to sit outside, the Taquería de Birra offers nice mexican food. Though we recomend this restaurant, prices of some drinks (namely margarita cocktails) can get a little expensive. We recommend the Tamal con Mole and the Tacos al Pastor.

Booking a table is recommended.

La Mordida
Belén, 13
Metro: Alonso Martínez
Zona: Chueca
Mapa:  J-3

Reasonably good mexican food and prices. Can get a little loud on weekends. Service is OK but they could do better with some more waiters.

La Panza es lo primero
Libertad 33
Metro: Chueca
Zona: Chueca

Good service and value.

www: La Panza es lo Primero

Luna Rossa
Luna (semiesq. San Bernardo 24)
Metro: Noviciado
Zona: Gran Vía
Mapa: E-4

An authentic Italian trattoria withing walking distance of Callao/Gran Vía.

Good pizzas and reasonable prices.

Pizzería Vesubio
Hortaleza, 3
Metro: Gran Vía
Zona: Chueca
Very good value for take-away or bar eating. Good pizzas.
La Alpargatería
Fernando VI, 11
Metro: Alonso MartÌnez
Zona: Alonso Martínez
Mapa: J-2
Pasta is better than pizzas here. service is good.