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What you'll see

A corrida (the bullfight) consists of 6 fifteen minute sections known as faenas. In each faena a bull (toro) is faced by one of three matadors (though on special occasions there may only be one matador present). Matadors (or toreros), the ones who actually kill the bull, are dressed in gold, while their subordinates are in silver or black dress.
Each faena is divided into three sections. In the first section, the bull's strength is tested by the matador and his assistants, who at this point are using large magenta and yellow capes. The bull is then weakened by picadors on horseback who lance the bull in the back of the neck. In addition to weakening the bull, this forces it to drop its head to the level of the bullfighters' capes.
During the second section, the banderilleros stab long brightly-coloured barbed sticks, the banderillas, into the back of the oncoming bull. The banderilleras are designed to remain in the bull's back for the duration of the bullfight, and are meant to aggravate it.
In the final section, the matador faces the bull alone. Now using a small red cape, he carries out a series of elegant manoeuvres designed to demonstrate his bravery and skill. When he is ready to kill the bull, he exchanges the long straight sword he has been using to position his cape for a smaller one with a curved end. To carry out the kill, the matador holds his cape in such a way as to mimic the angle formed by the head of a charging bull. As the bull charges in response, it exposes the vital area between the shoulder blades where the matador must insert his sword to reach the bull's heart. In a good bullfight, this is successfully accomplished in the first attempt, but usually several attempts are required to subdue the bull.

Where and when

Bullfights in Madrid take place in the Las Ventas bullring, often referred to as the Mecca of bullfighting. The season in Madrid is from March to October, with bullfights at Las Ventas every Sunday at 7:00 PM. During the Feria de San Isidro, (from about mid-May to mid-June) and the Feria de Otoo (which begins toward the end of September) there are bullfights everyday, often with well known bullfighters.

Tickets can be purchased at Las Ventas itself, with tickets going on sale two days before the bullfight. Tickets can also be bought at a small outlet (indicated as such in english) on calle Victoria (Metro: Sol, Zone: sol, Map: H-11, ). Ticket prices vary greatly depending on the day, and where you sit, from below 6 euro to over 60 euro. Sombra (shade) is more expensive than sol (sun). A third option, "sol y sombra" is priced in between. The bullring isn't too big but, if you plan to see the action without paying a lot for your seats, binoculars are probably a good idea.

There are also bullfights held in many of the towns around Madrid at different times of the year. The tourist offices should be able to inform you about these. We'll try to get this info in here as soon as possible.

The photo above is by Isabel Muñoz and remains her property.
It should not be copied without her consent.

Las Ventas
Calle Alcalá 237
Tel: 91 356 22 00
Metro: Ventas
Zone: outside our mapped zone areas, near the intersection of c. Alcalá with the M-30
(see overview map)

Tickets: less than 6 euro(8US$)
Tickets: to over 60 euro (80 US$)
Schedule: De 10:00-14:00 h. y de 17:00-20:00 h.
Open: All the year.

There are bullfights every Sunday from October to March.
Special season: San Isidro Fair (May-Jun) and Autumn fair (Sept -Oct)


Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas
Tel: 91 726 48 00/725 96 29
Schedule: De 10:00-14:00 h. y de 16:00-19:30
Open: All the year.

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas
Tel: 91 725 18 57
Schedule: 9:30 - 14:30
During the Fair, when there is a bullring 10:00 - 13:00

La Taurina. Pasaje Matheu. Tel: 91 522 9216
Galicia. Plaza del Carmen, 1. Tel: 91 531 27 32 .
Plaza de Las Ventas. Alcalù, 237. Tel: 91 356 22 00 .
Teyci. Goya, 7. Pasaje Comercial Carlos III. Tel: 91 576 45 32 .
Localid. Sto. Domingo. Parking Pza. de Santo Domingo. Tel: 91 559 50 28 .
Tiendas El Corte InglØs. Tel: 902 400 222.

2000 Autumn season

+ información:


Plaza de Toros La Cubierta de Leganés
Calle del Maestro, 4
Tel: 91 689 87 15
Metro: Ventas
Bus: 481, 484 from Metro Oporto
Cercanías: C-5
Zone: Leganés
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