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Post LogoMadrid's largest post office is at plaza de Cibeles, the attractive "Palacio de las comunicaciones" (communications palace), shown here on the left. From this location you can obtain virtually any postal service, including sending letters and packages with a variety degrees of speed and security, poste restante, international money orders, phones, fax, telegrams, telex etc. Other post offices and post boxes around the city can be recognised by the white on yellow logo shown on this page. Stamps can also be bought in estancos (tobacco shop).

Correos: www



There are numerous public phones around the city which use phone cards and/or coins. All these phones can be used for both local and long distance phone calls. Phone cards can be purchased in estancos, and other shops which advertize "tarjetas telefnicas" (phone cards). These come in units of 10 and 20 euro. There are also telefonica offices on Gran Va and at Plaza de Coln from which long distance phone calls can be paid for after making the call.

Iberia linesThe long distance prefix for international numbers is 07.
For national numbers outside Madrid, dial 91

Phone centers:

    Gran Vía, 30
    Metro: Gran Vía
    Zone: Gran Vía
    Map: H-7
    Schedule: 9:00 am to midnight Mon-Sat, noon to midnight Sundays and holidays

    Plaza de Colón, Paseo de Recoletos,41.
    Metro: Colón
    Zone: Alonso Martínez
    Map: M-3
    Schedule: 9:00 am to midnight Mon-Sat, noon to midnight Sundays and holidays

    Palacio de las comunicaciones, plaza de Cibeles
    Metro: Banco de España
    Zone: Prado
    Map: L-8
    Schedule: 8:00 am to midnight Mon-Sat, 8:00am to 10:00pm Sundays and holidays

Telefónica: www