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It sounds like a joke but this just happened!

Many assistants to the Math Congress taking place in Madrid were assaulted by men impersonating the police.
The 'police men' asked the victims to identify themselves with a legitimate ID or passport, and they took that as an opportunity to steal their wallets.


See a comment of one of our customer in Madrid:
"... watch out for small local children pickpocketing or taking your mobile phone off the table in the local bars. Local police not bothered about tipsy british people reporting crimes..."

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Police in Madrid:
There are several police forces in Madrid. The main is the local "Policía Municipal", in navy and white, and they are principally concerned with traffic. Another force is the "Policía Nacional", or "Cuerpo Nacional", in dark blue or brown. They are responsible for crimes. The "Guardia Civil", the legendary guards, in green and black, have to worried about the traffic in inter-city highways, customs in the frontiers and they guard many government buildings.

If you suffer a rob or an attack you have to report the incident as soon as possible to the nearest "Policía Nacional" (comisaría), and make an official statement (denuncia). All the "comisarías" are open 24 hours a day.

In the center (downtown) is in:
Central Police Station:
c/ Luna, 29.
Tel: 91 521 12 36
Metro: Noviciado
Map: E-5

In the case of loss or theft of the passport ,you have to reported immediately to the nearest "Comisaría" and to your consulate.

    National police: 091 www
    Municipal police: 092
    Guardia Civil (National Guard): 062 www

For any emergency the main phone number in the whole community is 112 www


See: community of Madrid emergencie site

As we already advise you to who visited Barcelona, both cities are quite calm, but it suits to take cautions. It is better not to take big quantities of money cash, and to take the passport or the documentation in sure, or it is better, to leave it where you stay. The worst in the event of robbery, is when documentation and flights are taken, because you will have a good time of paper work.

We want you to enjoy this lively city therefore we will advise you to don’t take risk and follows a few tips....
Just to avoid a bad moment!

Useful Tips:
Not so long ago, Madrid and Barcelona were quite cities, today they are cosmopolitan places so avoid any risky situation.

When you arrive:
After leaving the bus, metro, taxi or any public transport, be aware of your belongings. If you are carrying a laptop, keep it close to you, do not place it on the street.

Cash Points / ATMs
It is highly recommended to use a combination of cash, traveller cheques and credit cards so you don’t have to relay in one way of payment during your trip. Check with your credit card company that you can withdraw cash from cash points (ATMs) in Spain. Check what fee will the bank charged you for the transaction.
Travellers cheque are a safer way to travel as you are insured if they are stolen.

Coffee Shop/ Restaurants
Keep your belongings where you can see them. The staff used to in alert in case that something might happened but you cant rely on them.

Hand bag, Camera, Laptop, documentation or any other value item
Don’t carry large sums of many.
Don’t carry your passport with you all the times, but have a valid ID in case that you need to purchase goods with your credit card.
You can take a photocopy of your passport. If you insist on take your passport with you, write down the number in case that its stolen.
If you lose your passport or if its stolen, you have to report it to the local police and then contact your embassy or consulate for assistance.
If you are travelling with credit cards, remember to write down the numbers in case that they are stolen.
Do not leave the Laptop where you can not see it. Bring it with you everywhere.
Wear your bags slung diagonally across your chest, try not to wear it on your shoulder.

On the Car:
Do not leave expenses goods in the car and if its possible remove the music system and take it with you.
If you travelling by yourself, do not put your bag/ laptop/ handbag on the companion seat. Locked the car.

Thiefs (Bad people :)
Be aware of ploys to distract your attention by thieves, they usually work in group or pairs.
Be cautious of anyone invading your personal space or someone who keeps offering to help you.

Be most careful in:
Pickpocketing and other petty crimes are fairly common in crowded places such as the metro, bus stations and surroundings, airport, The Rastro, Puerta del Sol, around Museums, or busy streets.
If you go to The Rastro wearing a backpack, it is better if you pull it round to the front and keep it closed. Typically, theives work in pairs, one distracting the victim while the other located, and removes his /her wallet.

Near the Gran Vía, just behind the Telefónica building and on the "Calle Montera", are areas frequented by prostitutes and drug addiccts.