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IfemaThis page attempts to do just what the title says can't be done!
Note that there is also a comprehensive food dictionary in the eating section of the softguide.

    Cotillear/Cotilla: verb, noun
    Gossip, gossipmonger, curiosity about other people's business. Also used to describe such actions as listening in on other people's conversation, reading other people's mail etc. Never a positive action (or attribute), but in some circles is perfectly acceptable behaviour, furthermore cotilla is the mainstay of most madrileño conversations.

    Guiri: adj.
    Iberia lines tourist, fair-skinned, usually doesn't understand Spanish language or culture, source of amusement and anoyment to locals (derogatory epression).

    Madrileño: noun/adjective
    From Madrid, person or thing.
    Similar words: Gatos

    Pijo: (fem. pija) noun/adjective
    A Spanish yuppie, no fixed age implied but more often that not, late teens to early thirties, expensive and generally poor taste, nouveau riche, often seen driving "daddy's" car, strange manner of speaking that involves distorting and extending all vowel sounds until they can't be distinguished from one another, like the queens English (derogatory expression).
    Parliament Similar words: Señorito

Cutre / cutrongo: grotty , stingy