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The city can basically be divided into those zones which make up the center of the city, and those zones lying beyond. Madrid is quite a big city so the Softguide limits itself to descriptions of the city zones lying inside the perimeter of the M-30 ring road.

There are also maps available to complement this section of the Softguide, which you can view, download and/or print.

Madrid has an old city center, with an ambling urban structure which is not particularly well defined. Streets don't run parallel and perpendicular, unless by chance, especially in the old city center. Because of this, it's not usual to explain locations in terms of blocks, a common practice in most modern city centers.

Madrid can be divided in many ways. The division we use here is not so much guided by official neighbourhoods but by zones with aspects in common.

Greater Madrid: Zones outside M-30 ring road

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