Avenida de América - Arturo Soria


This large district covers the area around Avenida de América, that is, an area between Nuevos Ministerios and Arturo Soria, and bounded by the Airport/Campo de las Naciones on the north side. It is a middle class residential area.
Important sites in this area include the Auditorio de Música (Madrid's main classical music concert hall) and the Museo de la Ciudad (Museum of the City). There are plenty of shops and many important business (IBM, Telefonica I+D) located in this area.

Museum of the City, Príncipe de Vergara, 140
Metro: Cruz del rayo (L9)

For those curious about Madrid, and equally for those already in love with the Spanish capital, the Museum of the City traces the development of Madrid through its infrastructures and history, beginning with the origins of the city and leading up to the present day. The Museum has five circular floors, which thematically group together its artefacts. The ground floor is home to the assembly room, as well as housing a gallery containing images of the majority of the city’s Mayors, starting with Carlos III. On the first floor we can find temporary exhibitions, whereas the second, third and fourth floors hold the Museum’s permanent exhibits.
The Museum of the City was opened in December 1992. Madrid City Council department of Housing, Urbanism and Infrastructures was the driving force behind the project, which was inspired by the Museum of London, and aimed to put on display those elements which have made our city an important urban centre worldwide.

The Museum of the City hold a collection of models and reconstructions, particularly noteworthy for their realistic appearances. The section includes various reproductions, including buildings and archaeological models, such as the Roman or Moslem house; statues, such as those of Felipe IV and Carlos III; and urban spaces, such as Habsburg Madrid or the Castellana, Madrid’s great axis. This group also includes a reproduction of Plaza de la Villa, considered the most valuable because of the painstaking care with which it was created, as well as the tradition and symbolism held by this area in Madrid.


The Arturo Soria street extends throughout 5.8 km in a residential area of the East of Madrid, with a direction almost the North-South. From particular form the section between the street of Alcala and the Pine of Chamartín benefits from a careful and harmonic city-planning exposition: Small blocks of buildings opened with buildings of only three or four plants, opened spaces, green zones, communal zones with gardens and swimming pools... Its elevation, is one of the highest zones of Madrid, the abundant vegetation and their leafy and old one hoisted guarantees low levels of contamination.

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  • Av. América (L4, 6, 7, 9) /Arturo Soria (L4)

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