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General information about Shopping in Madrid

Shopping in Madrid can stiil be done around small, specialized stores, and busy food markets. For those who prefer the boutiques and specialty shops to department stores and supermarkets, then you should definitely make an effort to visit the different zones and take the time to explore the huge array of shops at your disposal. Although we can't possibly do justice to the huge number of shops in the city, they tend to group together, so usually where we have only one shop listed, you will find many stores selling similar goods nearby.

In the page Madrid shopping by zones, we indicate Madrid’s best shopping districts, which you can find on the partial maps, in addition to the shopping information you need. It is practically impossible to suggest only one route when going out for shopping in the city, since the necessities of each traveler eminently vary. We can, however help you so that you spend time in the areas most representative of a day of shopping in Madrid and therefore see your needs satisfied. Basically, the city in itself is one big shopping center, since it is easy to find a shop on every street and on every corner.

We highlight six areas of shops in Madrid, due to the great variety of merchandise that is concentrated within them. Beyond these shopping streets, we must not leave out the principal malls in Madrid.



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