Madrid typical shops and traditional products

Many shops selling traditional or typical Spanish (or Madrileño) items exist around the center of Madrid. Apart from the shops listed here, you will find numerous places on Gran Vía and calle Mayor, selling spanish goods geared to tourists in all budgets. Well known shops for those with something more exclusive in mind include Lladró (porcelain), Loewe (leather) and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Madrid city centre is all of it just a whole commercial hub. Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol and the streets all around are the most traditional shopping areas in the city. You can buy handicrafts, ceramic, silver, leather, fans, guitars and any type of musical instrument, “flamenco” costumes,
accessories, groceries as well as clothes, CDs or books, all from small long-established shops that have kept their old appearance but continue trading as they used to in the past.
One of these shops is Casa de Diego, specialized in fans, umbrellas and Manila shawls since 1823. And for those with a sweet tooth, one of the oldest cake shops in the capital, La Mallorquina, founded in 1894. La Violeta has been, since 1915, one of the best known confectioner’s for its violet-shaped sweets, chocolates and glazed and sugar-coated fruits. Since 1894, Casa Yustas has sold military hats, caps and accessories. And very close-by we find La Favorita, which, also since 1894, has been selling any type of hat. Other long-established and traditional establishments in Madrid are Belloso, Capas Seseña, Doña Manolita, El Gato Negro or the haberdashery Pontejos.
Street markets are also a tradition in Madrid. Every weekday you can find markets somewhere in the region, with lots of stalls selling the most varied things. Apart from the traditional clothes and food markets, there are also very interesting specialized ones. For example, book markets like the
one on Cuesta de Moyano, known as the Old and Bargain Books Fair. It opens every day to sell genuine literary jewels, and the little market in Avenida de Felipe II, in the heart of Goya street, with its well-known hippie style.

The stamps market is one of the oldest in the city and every Sunday opens on Plaza Mayor and attracts lots of people to browse, buy or exchange stamps and coins. For art lovers, a must is the little market on Plaza Conde de Barajas, on Sundays, with a good selection of paintings.
The street market par excellence in Madrid is the Rastro. Originally medieval, the Rastro is one of the oldest markets in the city but also one of the most modern. To seep in its spirit, the best thing is to tour its streets, mix with the crowds, have a go at haggling and let oneself be captivated by its atmosphere.
On Plaza de Cascorro and surrounding streets - Rodas, Ribera de Curtidores – a great number of stalls are found. They offer old, second-hand and new items. You can find almost anything, clothes, handicrafts, furniture and a long etcetera.

There are a great many establishments full of tradition in Madrid. They are family-run businesses whose secrets and good practices in their manufacturing of products have been handed down through various generations or new businesses that have recovered the old ways.
Most of them look like the establishments of old times and are decorated in such a way as befits the products they sell but adapted to the new times.
Any article can be found in them: delicious food specialities – sweets, cold meats and tinned or canned food; clothes, capes, hats, espadrilles; accessories such as fans, umbrellas, shawls; antiques, musical instruments and thousands of products, all of them with something in common, their traditional character.


Address: C/ del Divino Pastor, 29. 28004 - Madrid

It was founded in 1863 as a store of esparto-made items. As they were so good at working esparto, the family owning the business specialized in espadrilles, footwear made of this natural fibre and an essential item in very
many Spanish households. They sell over 50 models in all sorts of colours and shapes, all of them hand woven and sewn by craftsmen and women from La Rioja. Also, the shop has kept the aspect and all the charm of 19th
century establishments, so visiting it is a pleasure.


Address: C/ Isabel la Católica, 2. 28013 - Madrid

In this over 100-year-old establishment, visitors can find genuine works of art in quality ceramic, handcrafted and hand-painted. Both original designs and replicas of models created from the 10th century up to the 18th century. The pieces come from all the Spanish locations famous for their ceramic and potteries: Talavera, Toledo, Granada or Manises.


Address: C/ del Marqués Viudo de Pontejos, 5. 28012 - Madrid

This haberdashery is very popular with women in search of cotton threads, buttons, zips, bands or any other item related to sewing that may seem impossible to find. It was founded in 1861 and it has kept inside all the
charm of earlier times, which means that this establishment is one of the small jewels of old, traditional Madrid.
Once you’ve visited the shop, you must not miss number 2 on the same street – one of the Apartment Blocks developed by Cordero. Built in mid-19th century, it was one of the first large apartment blocks in Madrid and
served as a model for the façades on Puerta del Sol square.


Address: C/ Toledo, 55. 28005 - Madrid.

This shop, founded in 1936 as a grocer’s store, specialized in the course of time until it became paradise on earth for those with a sweet tooth. Here, visitors can find all sorts of sweet things, from champagne or ginseng flavoured sweets to jelly sweets in the shape of cold meats, and the latest items on the market: sugarless sweets in all sorts of flavours or “trinkets” for smokers. If you love sweets, you’ll go mad just looking at the shop window of Caramelos Paco.


Address: Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, 12. 28013 - Madrid.

This workshop and shop for fans, walking sticks and umbrellas has been on Puerta del Sol square since 1858. Since then, the successors of the founder - Manuel de Diego – have continued to manage this business dedicated to manufacturing, selling and repairing fans, umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks, shawls and castanets. All the items are first-quality and hand-made and some are real works of art, like the fan used by Princess Leticia at her wedding.


Address: C/ Preciados, 42. 28013 - Madrid.

Casa Jiménez is the shop where to find two traditional Spanish items: shawls and embroidered veils. Open in 1923, the establishment is still run by the same family and it also rents men’s formal suits, wedding dresses, furs and other dressing accessories. Its Manila shawls, hand-embroidered in natural silk, are true works of art that can hardly go unnoticed.


Address: Carrera de San Jerónimo, 30. 28014 - Madrid

This traditional cake shop, open since 1855, is well-known for its nougat, which is sold all year round, nougat in all sorts of varieties, from the classic Jijona and Alicante to toasted egg yolk or chocolate. Among the specialities there are also other Christmas sweets, such as marzipan and glazed fruits as well as sweets typical of each feast day, and everything home made and first-quality. This establishment is also known for being a supplier to the Royal Household.


Address: C/ Libertad, 37. 28004 - Madrid

A must if you are interested in learning about the Madrid of the past. Here, you can find over 250,000 different postcards, all dated 1950 and classified by country, city and topic. You can also find original photos of the city, old posters classified by topic, for example, “Bulls”, “Feast Days and Tourism in Spain” or “Football”, and all types of collectable items such as toys, photo cameras or tin boxes.


Address: C/ de la Paz, 8. 28012 - Madrid

The Ramírez family have made Spanish guitars since 1882. Nowadays the family still work following the standards of traditional crafts workshops, where the highest authority is that of the “master”, who designs, controls the work of its workers and apprentices and signs the guitars that obtain the master’s approval. Part of the collection of guitars held by the Ramírez family is exhibited in the shop, so visitors can delight in the perfect
finishes and the beauty of the materials used.


Address: C/ Fernando VI, 2. 28004 - Madrid

La Duquesita, one of the most famous cake shops in Madrid in the early 20th century, is found in Fernando VI street, just a few metres away from one of the best architectural works in the modernistic style, the Longoria palace. This cake shop, open since 1914, has kept the charm of the times when it was founded, with its wooden façade and a warm and traditional interior presided over by an alabaster doll. Roscones de Reyes (ring-shaped
sponge cake with sugar and glazed fruit) and large cakes are part of its specialities.


Address: Plaza Mayor, 25. 28012 - Madrid

La Favorita is found on Plaza Mayor (the Old Square in Madrid). Founded in 1894, it is the oldest shop in Madrid for all types of hats, felt hats, tall hats, bowler hats, caps and berets. Essential accessories at the end of the 19th century and the early 20th century, these items are still particularly attractive and never go out of fashion.


Address: Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, 2. 28013 - Madrid

Founded in 1894 by Juan Ripio from Majorca, La Mallorquina is found in a privileged spot: La Puerta del Sol. Its specialities are napolitanas (flaky buns filled with custard or chocolate), rosquillas (small ring-shaped sweet buns) and truffles, which can be eaten at the counter or in the tea room. Every day there are crowds of people at the counters, just buying or actually eating the excellent products offered.


Address: Plaza de Canalejas, 6. 28014 - Madrid

Open since 1915, this elegant confectioner’s shop owes its fame to a very particular product: violet sweets, whose name is due to their shape, their colour and that the essence of the flower is part of their ingredients.
This establishment, not far away from Puerta del Sol, has kept its original wooden façade and its jars and little boxes of sweets have always had loyal and illustrious customers, like Jacinto Benavente or Queen Victoria Eugenia. Other typical products of this confectioner’s shop are natural violets glazed with sugar, glazed fruit, chocolates and marrons glacés.


Address: Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8. 28014 - Madrid

One of the oldest delicatessen in Madrid, it opened in 1839 and soon became a meeting spot for the aristocrats of the time. Nowadays it still has the elegant aspect of former times. From Lhardy you can purchase an endless number of gastronomic specialities such as callos a la madrileña (tripe casserole with chorizo and chillies), wild boar’s head, sole in champagne or orange pudding.


Address: Pasadizo de San Ginés, 2. 28013 - Madrid

This small bookshop shares name and wall with the church dedicated to San Ginés de Arlés, a parish church built in 1645. Its location was very popular in the early 20th century because a great many personalities from the literary, arts and politics environments used to meet there. At Librería San Ginés we can find old books, second-hand books and bargains.


Address: C/ Postigo de San Martín, 3. 28013 - Madrid

This distillery was founded in 1895 and it still keeps its original decoration, with wooden shelves, stills and barrels. Today it is the most famous cellar in Madrid, with a selection of Spanish wines, regional liqueurs and their own products. It also offers its customers a conservation service so that they can keep their wines in the shop cellars.


Address: C/ Maestro Victoria, 2. 28013 - Madrid

Founded in 1943, Maty is the best place to find any garment related to Spanish dancing. Its endless rails display not only “faralaes” costumes, shoes, ornamental combs and other accessories but also items for ballet and gymnastics, regional costumes, fancy outfits and even fabrics. It also has its own workshop where “flamenco” dresses are made and the shop also rents fancy costumes.


Address: C/ de la Cruz, 23. 28012 - Madrid

In 1901, the taylor Santos Seseña opened a business that has become a fundamental reference if you wish to buy one of the most traditional and elegant pieces of Spanish clothing: the cape. With a great variety of models,
from the most traditional to others adapted to modern times and needs, Seseña capes, hand-made, have been worn by outstanding international personalities.


Located in the most sophisticated shopping area in Madrid, the Lladró centre offers you the chance to admire the ample selection of its creations in a carefully designed setting to show off the attributes of each piece. Guaranteed 100% worldwide delivery service.
Gift when you make a purchase.
Offer valid during cardholder's stay in Madrid.
Other data:
Address. C/Serrano, 68.
C/Gran Vía, 46.
Phone number. +34 91 435 51 12
+34 91 701 04 72
Web and Email.
Underground stations. Serrano.
Bus routes. 19, 27 and 74.
2, 46, 74, 75 y 133.
Madrid Visión routes. Route 1.
Route 2.
Route 3.
Open. Monday to Saturday: from 10 to 20 .
Closed. Sundays.
Public holidays.

Antigua Casa Talavera

Antigua Casa Talavera, the first Spanish ceramic art studio, opened its doors 120 years and stocks reproductions from the 10th to the 19th Century, plates, vases, and jug and cup sets for coffee and sangria. You will also find vases, ceramic-tiled trays and pictures, copies of museum pieces and antique murals.
5% for purchases of 50 euros or more.
Other data:
Address. C/ Isabel la Católica, 2
Phone number. +34 915 473 417
Underground stations. Santo Domingo
Bus routes. 1,2,202,44,46,74,75,133,148 y C
Madrid Visión routes. Route 1.
Open. Monday-Saturday: 10:00-13:30
Monday-Friday: 17:00-20:00 h.
Closed. Saturday evenings.
Sunday, public holidays.

Casa Yustas

Plaza Mayor, 30.
www: Casa Yustas Madrid
The building belonging to this company, which was founded in 1894, has spectacular caves recovered from the 16th century and a classical style décor.

Flamenco World

This flamenco store offers a comprehensive catalaogue of CDs, DVDs, guitars, shawls, castanets, traditional flemenco dresses and suits... Services are offered by professionals in their fields in both Spanish and English. The web page, number one in the field of flamenco since 1997, additonally offers on-line reservations for products and services and also offers international shipping.
5 % discount.
Other data:
Address. C/ Huertas, 62, B-A
Phone number. +34 913 600 865
Web and Email.
Underground stations. Antón Martín
Madrid Visión routes. Route 2.
Route 3.
Open. Monday-Saturday:12:00-14:30 / 16:30-19:00
Closed. Sunday.

Location on the map of attractions. Map of attractions.

El Obrador del Café de Oriente
Carlos III, 3
Metro: Opera
Zone: Opera
Map: C-9

A place for good taste and gourmets. The best wines and the most famous spanish oils. Also elegant gifts. Bombons, wines, oil, teas, coffees, gifts, cook books.

Flor Baja 8
Metro: Santo Domingo
Zone: Gran Vía
Map: D5
Spanish ceramic specialties.

Open: 10.00-14.00 / 17.00- 21.00

Zurbano 46
Metro: Rubén Darío
Zone: Alonso Martínez
Ceramics from Galicia (northwestern Spanish province) inspired from traditional and original designs.

Open: 10.00-14.00 / 16.30- 20.00. Closed all August.


Caramelos Paco
Toledo 55
Metro: La Latina
Zone: La Latina
Map: E-13
Sweets in the form or typical foods (jamón, chorizo, ... ).

Open: 10.00-14.00 / 17.00- 20.00
Open hours change in summer months.


Manuel Contreras
Mayor 80
Metro: Opera
Zone: Opera
Map: B-12
Spanish guitar maker.

Open: 10.00-14.00 / 17.00- 20.00


Gran Vía 54
Metro: Sevilla
Zone: Sol
Map: E-6
Official distributors of Lladró china and Majorica pearls-
A second shop is at, Serfarad 2, en Gran Vía 43, corner calle Silva

Open: 10.00 - 14.00 / 16.30 - 20.00


El Sabor de Madrid
Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda 11
Metro: Sáinz de Baranda
Specialists in product from the Madrid region.


Casa de Diego
Puerta del Sol 12
Metro: Sol
Zone: Sol
Map: G-10
Since 1858. Shawls and traditional Spanish dresses.


Filatelia Arias
Plaza Mayor 28
Metro: Sol
Zone: Sol
Map: E-12
Stamps, coins and other collectibles. Open regular hours and Sunday morning when the Plaza Mayor hosts a market for collectors.


Vicente Rico
Conde de Aranda 3
Metro: Retiro
Zone: Salamanca
Map: N-6
Costumes, jokes, wigs and other goods for fancy dressing parties.


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