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Shopping in Madrid can stiil be done around small, specialized stores, and busy food markets. For those who prefer the boutiques and specialty shops to department stores and supermarkets, then you should definitely make an effort to visit the different zones and take the time to explore the huge array of shops at your disposal. Although we can't possibly do justice to the huge number of shops in the city, they tend to group together, so usually where we have only one shop listed, you will find many stores selling similar goods nearby.

Opening times:
Most shops and shopping centres stay open from 10am to 8.30 or 9.30pm.
The more traditional shops open from 10am to 2pm and 4.30 to 8.30pm.

Generally speaking, the winter sales run from the second week of January to the end of February, and the summer sales from 1 July to the end of August.

How to pay:
Payment is usually in cash or by credit card, always providing your passport or other proof of ID for the latter.

Tax Free:
Non-EU residents are entitled to a full refund of the IVA (Value Added Tax) on purchases over €90.15.

Our suggestions:
From Monday to Sunday the shopping centers provide you with attractive shopping prospects: shopping and snow (Madrid Xanadú) – Outlet stores (Las Rozas Village) – shopping – cinema and restaurants at Principe Pío. The street markets are fun and you can also enjoy the outdoors and get to know the heart of the city.


Madrid Shopping Tour
www: Madrid shopping vip pack

The shopping tour is a minibus excursion to the main shopping areas in Madrid: barrio de Salamanca, the centre, and Las Rozas Village, where a bilingual guide will offer full information on shops, according to the needs of each tourist, with discounts or special prices in numerous prestigious firms. An ideal way of getting to know the most interesting shopping areas, where you will come across well-known brands and products selling at better prices than in other European destinations.
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