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Taxis are plentiful and reasonably priced and drivers are on the whole fairly honest. On busy streets they can be found and flagged down at virtually any time of the day or night. All official taxis are painted white with a red diagonal stripe across the front doors.
The meter starts at a set minimum price. There are different fees for day, night, weekdays, holidays and depending on the area of the city.
Make sure the meter is running, otherwise you risk being being overcharged. When taking taxis from the airport, train and bus stations, it is advisable to use the official taxi ramps as roaming touts who offer lifts are often on the look out for an easy rip-off.
When you get your taxi DONT stick your luggage in the back seat, put it into the boot, or you will pay an extra charge for inside-the-taxi-luggage.

There are supplements for:

  • departure or arrival to the airport
  • departure or arrival to the IFEMA fairground
  • departure from bus or train stations
  • some holidays
  • LUGGAGE: you pay if you put it inside the taxi, NOT if it goes in the boot.
  • TAXI BOOKINGS: they will charge you the journey from the closest taxi stop to the meeting point.
  • Madrid city council web : Official Taxi Prices

    Taxi booking telephones:
  • 902 478 200/ 91 5478 200
  • 91 405 12 13 / 91 40 55 500
  • 902 50 11 30 / 91 371 21 31
  • 91 447 32 32
  • 91 539 04 00

Taxis are ubiquitous and relatively inexpensive, but there’s little reason to hop in a cab with such an efficient public transport system at your disposal. You’ll most likely resort to taxis between 2am and 6am, when the metro is closed and you can’t stomach the thought of trekking to the nearest night bus stop. Plans are in motion, however, for a nighttime system of buses to run along the metro lines, making nocturnal travel more manageable for Madrid’s hordes of partiers

There are many different taxi companies - For more information see: