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Map of Spain

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The Iberian Península and the Balearic Islands (right). The Canary Islands (right bottom) are actually 1.500 Km. away from Spain's mainland, in front of the Atlantic coast of Africa.
Distances between cities in Spain

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Spain occupies a surface of 500.000 Km2 at the southwest corner of Europe. This includes the Canary Islands and the African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. With this size it is one of Europe's largest nations. Together with Portugal, it forms the Iberian peninsula. With its more than 3.000 kilómetres of coastline and its higher temperatures compared to northern Europe, Spain has become a common holiday destination for many tourists from all parts of the world.

The pyrenees are the tallest mountain range in the country, but Spain has numerous mountain ranges: the Cordillera Cantábrica and the Cordillera Galaica in the north, as well as the Bética. At the centre the 'meseta castellana' a plateau some 600 metros above sea level, surrounded by the mountains of the 'Sierra de Gredos' in Castilla, 'Guadarrama' between Castilla and Madrid, 'Sierra de Guara' in Aragón, and 'Sierra Morena' in Andalucía. The country has many rivers with and lakes though it suffers a gradual desertification in some regions.

The Canary Islands are a volcanic paradise and with the Balearic Islands they are Spain's most popular tourism destination. However there is such an amount of cultural, artistic, nature and entertainment choice, that almost all regions of Spain can be gonsidered good tourism destinations.

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