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The 'Camino de Santiago' (Santiago's pilgrims pathway) offers an intersting experience as it crosses the aragonese region.

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Goya is the most international artist born in Aragón.

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Adventure travel in Aragon's Pyreneesaragon tourism

The 'Camino de Santiago' (Santiago's pilgrims pathway) offers an intersting experience as it crosses the aragonese region.

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Goya is the most international artist born in Aragón.


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Aragón is divided into three different provinces: Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza. It's an area rich in landscapes and one with the most mountains in Spain. Aragón offers different touristic routes like the castles' one, one of Arab art, 'Mariana' route, Romanic route or a 'Goya in Aragón' route. The Pyrenees are the perfect location for adventure sports. Ordesa and Monte Perdido national parks are part if its natural heritage.

Adventure sports at the Pyrenees in Huesca
Tourism office:
Pl. de la cathedral,1
Tel. 974 29 21 70

Province government of Huesca (Spanish)
Guide to Jaca (Spanish)
Green tourism in Huesca (Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch)
Pyrenees information
Aragon's Pyrenees

Highlights: Aragón's Pyrenees , Monegros area (desert like).
Monuments: 'San Pedro' (12th century), gothic cathedral from the XIII century, episcopal palace, church of the 'Compañía de San Vicente', 'San Lorenzo' church, 'San Pedro el Viejo' church, church of 'Santa María de Foles', church of 'San Jorge', city walls, city hall building, old Sertorian university and the church of 'San Miguel'. Monasteries of 'San Pedro de Siresa', 'San Juan de la Peña', 'Alquezar', 'San Pedro el Viejo', 'Sigena'.
typical stews like 'pollo al chilindrón' (chicken stew), 'carne a la pastora', 'ternasco asado' (beef) and 'migas a la pastora'. Local desserts include peaches in wine and marzipan with chestnuts. Wines from Somontano have built a reputation in the last years.

Mudéjar (Arabic) art route

Tourism office:
Tomás Nogués, 1. Teruel.
Tel. 978 60 22 79

Información about Teruel (Spanish)

Highlights: Ruta Mudéjar (Arabic style of architecture). Since 1986 this route has been classified World Heritage by UNESCO.
Monuments: Mudéjar style buildings, cathedral, church of 'El Salvador', church of 'San Andrés', church of 'San Martín', church of 'San Pedro', convent of the 'Carmelitas', defense walls, archaeology Museum, church of 'La Merced', convent of 'San Francisco', City Hall, Aqueduct of the arches and the Viaducto. Monastery of 'Nuestra Señora del Olivar'.
Food: Fat-rich meat is common in the diet of the region as well as garlic soups, lamb dishes and beef. Local wines are strong.

Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Tourism office:
Torreón de la Zuda
Tel. 976 20 12 91

Tourism Zaragoza (Spanish, English, French, Italian, German):
City Hall of Zaragoza
Guide to Zaragoza (Spanish)
Zaragoza card

Highlights: Zaragoza is the capital of Aragón and sits on the riverside of the Ebro river (the one that most volume of water carries in the Iberian peninsula). Its one of Spain's main cities and has a significant interest for tourists. The painter Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Goya for short) was born in Fuentedetodos, a village of Zaragoza.
Monuments: the 'Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar' is a jewel of Aragón's barroque epoch and achitecture that shelters the much venerated 'Virgen del Pilar' image. Zaragoza —together with Santiago de Compostela— is one of the most important espiritual enclaves in Spain, attracting millions of visitors. Other interesting sites are the Roman theater, Palace of the 'Aljafería', Tower of 'Fortea', the food auction hall, Palace of 'Villahermosa', 'Puerta del Carmen', th ecentral market or the monument to 'Agustina of Aragón'.
Monasteries: Monasterio de Piedra is a vast and monument located in a surprisingly beautiful natural landscape. Worth a daytrip to the area. Its 118 Km from Zaragoza, towards Madrid. Other monasteries are: Veruela, 'Cartuja Aula Dei', 'Nuestra Señora de Rueda'.
Very strong dishes like in the rest of the region. Garlic soup is a classic, 'migas a la pastora', 'borraja', 'bisaltos', 'cardo', 'pollo a la chilindron', 'ternasco asado con patatas y madejas'. The typical desser are the fruits of Aragón.

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