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Lakes at the 'Picos de Europa' mountain' range.

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The 'oso pardo' (bear) is a protected species that lives in this region.


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Directly on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, the Principality of Asturias was for many centuries the refuge of the christian Spanish kingdom during the long Arabic invasion and reign. This is a very green region full of mountains and hills. At its borders are the national parks of 'Covandonga' and 'Picos de Europa'. The future king of Spain, Felipe de Borbón, holds the title of Prince of Asturias.

With a magnificent cultural heritage and exhuberant nature, Asturias is a singular place. Its architecture and its pre-romanic paintings and handwork where included to UNESCO's World Heritage in 1985.


Highlights: national park of the mountain of 'Covadonga', on the western side of the 'Picos de Europa'.

fabadaFood: 'Fabada' ('fabes' are white beans) is a landmark of Asturian food. Fabes symbolise the essence of this land, whether you take them with shell-fish, with fish, with seafood or with meat. Stews with fabes and casseroles mix the abundant natural foods that both sea and land produce here. Also abundant are the river fish like the wild salmon, trouts and 'reos'. In meat, pork and red meat or "carne roxa" have outstanting quality. Asturian cheeses are many and very different: cow, sheep or goat. Worth mentioning cheeses are: Cabrales, 'Afuega'l Pitu', Gamonedo or 'Los Beyos'. Natural apple cider is their speciality and you can find it everywhere.

Pre-románico art at Santa María del Naranco, Oviedo
celebrations of San Mateo, September 21st. Oviedo has an interesting opera scene. The most important awards given by any Spanish authority —the "Principe de Asturias Award"— have here their headquarters.
Monuments: cathedral, university, 'Foncalada' fountain, 'Campo de San Francisco', 'Marqueses de Santa Cruz de Marcenado' palace, church of 'San Isidro'.

Highlights: Gijón is the capital of the "Green Coast". They celebrate the 'Virgen de Begoña' week, from 15th to 31st of August. They also host an important bull fair.
Monuments: watch-spot by Chillida "Elogio al Horizonte", church of 'San Juan Bautista', 'Trinidad' chapel, 'Los Remedios' church, Museum-Birth place of 'Jovellanos', Ethnography Museum, international museum of "The Pipes" (the instrument), museum 'Evaristo Valle', museum 'Juan Barjola', Palace of Revillagigedo, Roman thermal baths, 'Cimadevilla' neighbourhood.

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