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Nightlife at 'Prestige' (in Ibiza) , one of the largest disco-clubs in the world.

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Mahón, capital of Menorca

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Calviá beaches in Palma island


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The 'Islas Baleares' (Balearic Islands) is a group of 5 islands that lay 240 Kilomtres away from the coast of Valencia in the Mediterranean Sea. The islands are: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera y Cabrera. It's one of Europe's most important tourism resorts due to its fantastic weather, beaches and entertainment choice.

Nightlife in Ibiza
Tourism office:
Andanes del Port

Highlights: nightlife in Ibiza is big and famous. It's where techno music is king and hyper-disco-clubs go open day and night. It is said to have some of the most attractive beaches of all islands. Two important events throughout the year are a handwork fair and a fashion show in June.

mallorca beach hotelMolí beach in Menorca
Tourism office: Pl. Explanada, 40

Highlights: the beaches. Menorca is said to have a less well developed infrastructure and road network as Mallorca, but this makes the island more unexplored by tourists and has preserved better its landscape. The market at the 'Plaza de la Explanada' in Mahón is an interesting spot. Also the weekly open-air market on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Celebrations: 'Festes de Gràcia', on September 7th and 8th. The 'Colçada' and the 'Jaleo', medieval horse riding events trough the narrow city streets, 'San Juan' and 'San Pedro', on the 23rd and 29th of June.

palma mallorca hotel
View of Palma
Tourism office: Pl. de la Reina, 2

Highlights: Its port and airport are the busiest in Spain due to tourism. This might sound scary but this island (aprox. 100Km north to south) has a large and well equiped infrastructure so even on high season you can find spots and tiny beaches with few or even no people.
Celebrations: San Sebastián, 20th January, popular feast "Foguerons" (tiny fires), carnival, parties at Palma beach. Theater Festival in May, Jazz Festival in July, 'Fiesta del Estandarte' on the 31st of December. In April you can attend the "Mostra de Cuina Mallorquina" a gastronomy fair.
Shopping: Handcrafts weekly market, monday, friday and saturday at the Plaza Mayor (main square). You can find another open-air market (rastro) located at the bottom part of the avenues on Saturday mornings.

light house formentera Light house in Formentera
Tourism office:

Port de la Sabina

General information: Close to Ibiza (3,6 Km.) Formentera is the fourth of the Balearic Islands. With a population of 6.000 (1.000 of them foreign residents), Formentera is an island with a plateau landscape an not very exuberant vegetation due to the porous nature of its soil. However, beaches of white fine sand and turquoise sea waters make of it a sublime place for relax.

Celebrations: The most important is 'Sant Jaume' on July. Also 'Santa Maria' on August 5th has special relevance.


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