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'Torta del Casar'
A cream and intense cheese from raw sheep's milk. A must for any visitor.

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Extremadura literally means 'Extremely hard' (due to its extreme climate, though it is not the hottest or dryest region of the country by any means). This region is divided in two provinces: Badajoz and Cáceres. The capital is Mérida ('Emérita Augusta' in its original Roman name). Many of the conquerors that went to colonise America after Columbus' discovery, came from this region. Some interesting routes in theis region are the 'Ruta de los Descubridores' (Conqueror's route), the 'Valle del Jerte' and the 'Ruta del Jamón' (ham route) or the 'Sierra de Tentudia'.

Iberoamerican Museum of Extremadura
Tourism office:
c /Menacho, 12, 4. Badajoz

Fiestas: September 8th, day of Extremadura.
Highlights: Border with Portugal.
Monuments: cathedral, Alcazaba, archaeology museum, Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, 'Puerta de Palmas', bridge over Guadiana river, 'Plaza Alta', 'Plaza de San Juan', 'Muralla Vauban', church of 'La Concepción', church of 'Santa María'.

Food: The 'escarapuche' (read decription below) is known here as 'salmorejo'. Soup of figues and tomato, 'frite' meat stew, ground red pepper, local garlic and onions, 'migas', 'pan frito', roast red pepper salad. Desserts like the 'piñonate' or the 'perronillas'.

Roman theatre in Mérida
Tourism office:
Gómez Becerra, 21. Cáceres

Highlights: National monument and UNESCO World Heritage in
the cities of Mérida and Trujillo. The Jerte valley.
Monuments: city walls, Co-cathedral of 'Santa María', 'Casas de los Carvajal', 'Casa de los Veletas', 'Godoy Palace, Palace of the 'Gofines de abajo', 'Arco de la estrella', 'Palacio Episcopal', Convent of 'San Pablo', 'Torre de la Plaza', church of the 'Espiritu Santo', church of 'San Mateo', church of 'Santiago', church of 'San Juan', Convent of 'San Francisco Javier', Casa y Torre de 'Galarza', 'Casa de los Cáceres-Ovando', 'Casa de los Espaderos', 'Casa del Mono o de los Espadero-Pizarro', 'Casa del Sol'.

Food: goat, sheep and cow cheese. An special place in cheeses goes to the famous 'Torta del Casar' (see picture in this page). Tasty pastries 'dulces casros del Convento de San Pablo'. The 'Escarapuche' (also known as 'Peloche'), is a typical dish of river fish grilled with olive oil, vinager, salt, some onion and chopped tomatoes. You can also find it done with rabbit or pork and sometimes it is served cold.

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