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Tourism Office:
Alejandro Seiquer, 4. Murcia.

General information: surface 11.317 km2 . It borders Albacete to the north , to the east with Alicante and to the west with Albacete and Almería. Southeast it meets the Mediterranean Sea. It has dry climate with hot Summers and mild Winters.

Murcia city is the capital of the region placed inland in the the valley of the Segura river . The coastline of Murcia is inside the so-callled 'Costa Cálida', a coast with long streches of beaches among which is the formation of 'Mar Menor'. The 'Manga del Mar Menor' is a 170 Km2 salt water lake formation on the coast. It consists of a long strech of land that varies from 200m to 1,5 Km wide with some channels that connect the lake to the sea.

Monuments: Gohic cathedral with an impressive barroque front. Museum of Salzillo, church of 'San Esteban', church of 'San Andrés', church of 'Santa Catalina', convent of 'Santa Clara', convent of 'La Merced'.

Towns of interest:

Aguilas, with its famous carnival. Cartagena, a city of glorious past and also an important natural port founded by the peoples of Carthago in the 2nd Century b.C.; the city has a great museum of pre-roman and roman art. The town of Mazarrón is a well known place for its beaches. It's the chosen beach area for many people of the region.

Caravaca de la Cruz is since 1998, together with Rome, Jerusalen, Santiago de Compostela and Santo Toribio de Liébanaes one of the five cities worldwide where the permanent 'Anno Jubileum' exists. The town of Lorca and more specifically its urban center is a monumental area worth seing for its barroque architecture.

Food: Great natural products like fruits and vegetables grow in Murcia. Fish is well cooked 'a la Sal' (with salt), fish eggs, 'mojamas' 'escabeches', toasted almonds from the region. Rice is an important product in local food and you can eat it with rabitt or vegetables, in paella or with 'serranas' (snails). There are several different wines in the region that are popular: Jumilla, Yecla, Bullas, Ricote, Campo de Cartagena y Campo de Lorca.

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