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Navarra is a one province region that sits under the Pyrenees where they meet the 'Mar Cantábrico' (the part of the Atlantic Ocean that covers the Bay of Biscay. The capital is Pamplona. Atlantic Pyrenees on the northwest of Navarra, are the more even part of this mountan range, filled with forests like the one of 'Bertiz' which are a joy for any open air activity. Other Navarra mountains with charm are the 'Sierra de Aralar' and 'Urbasa' mountains in the 'Sierra de Aralar', 'Sierra de Urbasa', 'Sierra de Malloak', 'Sierra de Orgi' or the green path of Plazaola. Eastern Pyrenees area is more than 2.000 Km2 in about 100 Km. in the proximity of border with France, this wide nature area has been preserved nearly untouched for centuries. Another interesting area is that of Estella is to the southwest of Navarra, this part of the region is crossed by the 'Camino de Santiago'. You will find many monasteries and romanic churches. The town of Estella-Lizarra, has a magnificent medival neighbourhood from the 12th century.
'San Fermín (or 'Los Sanfermines') July 7th. Tapas eating in the bars around the 'Plaza del Castillo'.
cathedral of 'Santa María', church of 'San Nicolás', City Hall building, Museum of Navarra, Diocesan Museum, church of 'San Lorenzo', city walls, 'Parque de Taconera', the 'Ciudadela', 'Plaza del Castillo', the 'Puente de Miluce'.
Food: trout and wild salmon. Asparagus and artichoke from the 'Rivera'. Cheeses from El Roncal , Urbasa or Aralar. Cod 'ajoarriero', lamb 'chilindrón', 'Perdíz al chocolote', mushrooms or 'Pimientos del piquillo' (small sweet red peppers), 'cuajada' (special neutral youghurt), 'Sopa Cana'. White, red and rosè wines. 'Rosados' (rosé) are admitedly ones of the best worldwide.

san fermin'Encierro de San Fermín'
The 'encierros' start daily sharp at 8.00 a.m. from July 7th to 14th. Its a race of youngsters in front of brave bulls and the most awaited event of these celebrations. The race lasts around 3 minutes, or a lot more if there's any sort of incident (which there are). You can always watch it form behind the protection structures, though you better wake up early to get a good place. This event attracts thousands every year to Pamplona.

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