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peine vientos
Sculpture by
Eduardo Chillida

museum guggenheim
Fine Arts Museum
in Bilbao

Local sport:
'la pelota'

' Traineras'

Local handcrafts

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Located on the eastern side of the 'Cordillera Cantábrica' (mountain range that goes parallel to the northen coast of Spain), this is one of the most industrialised regions of Spain. They own an autoctonous culture that has been preserved through their pre-indoeuropean language, the 'Euskera'. This language coexists with Spanish. The region is made of three provinces: Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa and Alava. Local sports have strong roots and are worth seeing. Most of their sports require enormous physical strength an skill. like the ' pelota vasca', 'traineras' (rowing), wood chopping by Aizkolaris, stone lifting, etc. All sports are very much related to the farming and fishing past of these lands.

vitoriaRainassance architecture t in Vitoria
Tourism office:
Parque de la Florida s/n. Vitoria.

Highlights: 272.477 inhabitants. Surface 3.074 Km2, the largest province of the Basque Country. The capital Vitoria is also the capital of the entire region. The palace of Ajuria-Enea, the residence of the regional president, is located in one of the most beautiful streets of the city.
Monuments: church of 'Santa María', church of 'San Vicente', church of 'San Pedro', the new cathedral, church of 'San Miguel', 'Torre de Hurtado de Anda', 'Plaza de la Virgen Blanca' and the 'Parque de la Florida'.

jazz san sebastian
Jazz Festival in San Sebastián
Tourism Office
Reina Regente, 8. Donostia-San Sebastián.

General information: San Sepastián is one of Spain's most beautiful cities. Excellent food, big culture scene and a great beach. It hosts yearly the most prestigious film and jazz festivals in the country.
Celebrations :
'Tamborrada y Caldereros' previous to carnaval, 'Semana Grande' in August, Rowing 'Traineras' competitions in 'Playa de La Concha' (San Sebastian's main beach), 'Feria de Santo Tomás'. International Jazz and Film Festivals.
Highlights: San Sebastián is a classical destination for Summer holydays. Only 20 Km. away from the Irún-Hendaya French border, it's a clean, modern and beautiful city placed between the Igueldo, Urgull and Ulía hills, where the Urumea river reaches the sea. Nearby towns of Zarautz (great beach), Guetaria, Aia, etc. make the perfect day trip from San Sebastian.
Monuments: church of 'San Vicente', 'Santa María', convent of 'Santelmo', 'La Concha' beach.

guggenheim bilbao museumThe Guggenheim museum in Bilbao
Tourism office:
Plaza Ariaga, 1. Bilbao.

General information: Surface 2.240 Km2. The most populated province in te region.
Highlights: Fishermen's villages and the small beaches in the coast, from Bakio to Ondarroa.
Its capital Bilbao Bilbao has an interesting the old part of town, the cathedral of 'Santiago' and the Guggenheim Museum.

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