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Several companies offer bus routes between most parts of Spain. Between main cities you will find services several times a day. Bus services are usually efficient. Buses are well equiped and security policies are in place and are followed. It is possibly the cheapest way of covering long distances in Spain (6-9 EUR per 100 Km. in long distances) and is sometimes faster than railway —depending on the route— but it is not inmune to traffic jams.

In big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, you will find several bus stations, but the norm is that you only will find one in every town. Most bus routes in Madrid depart and arrive to the 'Estación Sur de Autobuses' or at the 'Intercambiador de Avenida de América'. In Barcelona you will have to use either the 'Estación Nord' or the buses that leave from the 'Estació de Sants' (which is also a train station).

We will point out a few companies (see right side of this page) that go from Madrid to different destinations. You can possibly find timetables and price information on their websites. If not, try finding a telephone numbers to contat their call-centers. Please note that there are more companies available than the ones we mention here. 'Alsa' has become one of the biggest bus operators in Spain after they absorbed a big stake in the state-run Enatcar. They have many national and international bus routes.

Bus destinations to/from Madrid
Alicante / Albacete Enatcar León / Palencia / Valladolid Fernández-Res
Almería Almeraya Málaga Daibus
Avila Larrea Orense / Pontevedra Auto-Res
Badajoz / CáceresRes Auto Res Oviedo Alsa
Barcelona Enatcar Pamplona Continental Auto
Bilbao Continental Auto Salamanca / Zamora Auto-Res
Burgos Continental Auto San Sebastián / Vitoria Continental Auto
Cádiz / Córdoba / Huelva / Sevilla Secorbus Santander Continental Auto
Cuenca / Castellón Auto res Segovia La Sepulvedana
Ciudad Real Autommnibus ... Soria Continental Auto
Guadalajara Continental Auto Tarragona / Zaragoza Tte. Viajeros Aragón
Granada Autobuses Mad-Gra. Teruel Autocares Samar
Jaén La Sepulvedana Toledo  Galiano-Enatcar
La Coruña / Lugo Intercar Valencia Autocares Samar

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